Back to May in 2017


I found something was wrong.

Despite the hard times was over, I was still depressed. In fact, just listening to music made me frustrated. Why?

In the previous fall, I wanted to work on my graduation thesis, so I asked my boss not to give me job offers. However, I don’t know why, I got too many offers, which made me completely sick.

I had worked from morning to evening then studied at a restaurant at midnight every day. My sleeping hours had been about 3 hours for 5 years…. Finally, I crossed the boundaries. Something was broken down in my body… I came to want to kill myself…

On the other hand, I had thought I would be free when I submitted the thesis, so I managed to put up with the hard work. However, I got too much stress… and I couldn’t come back easily.

I didn’t want to be bothered by others and got nervous about telephones, going out and meeting someone else. I just stayed at home except going to work.

I needed to have my confidence back. I thought that was the key to get out of depression. So, I studied French hard for the exam.


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