Back to June – August in 2017

I received a ticket for a recital, Hamlet… The number is good! It’s like a Christmas Present for me. I’m so happy~☆


I went to Kyoto to take the French exam (Futsuken Grade Pre-2, CEFR: A2), primary one… and passed it!


I went to Kyoto to take the secondary exam (interview). At first, I visited Star-Myu Café…

Then I had lunch at a French restaurant at Kyoto University to put more spirit into it☆

Actually, I had never talked in French (ahaha)… I don’t have any chance to speak French in my daily lives, so I was a bit nervous. But I did well and passed the exam!


I decided to take Futsuken Grade 2 (CEFR: B1). But Grade 2 is much more difficult than Pre-2. There were lots of unknown words in the textbook. I was almost at a loss but I worked hard.


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